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Abortion and The Holocaust




I would like to point out that one of the many driving forces of the Holocaust was the state of the German people of the time. They felt cramped and people were starving. Hitler saw the answer in expansion of the state and extermination of those lesser human beings, namely those of Jewish…

Oh hey. Appropriating my ancestral tragedy to leech for your supposed “tragedy.”  Except problems. Gisella Perl, a Jewish gynecologist, was in the camps and performed abortions for fellow prisoners so that the Nazis wouldn’t kill them for being pregnant. And Elie Wiesel said that those who compare abortion to the Holocaust and people who have abortions/perform abortions to Hitler.. don’t have the slighest clue what The Holocaust was. And there’s many more stories from survivors about how they hate their tragedy being appropriated for your propaganda. 

I get that you guys can’t make abortion stand as a tragedy on its own two feet. I think, on some level, you also feel that way, which is why you all have no problem taking every tragedy since the dawn of time to tack to abortion to try to give it validity and substance. But you don’t have a tragedy on your hands. You don’t. You have people making medical decisions based on what’s best for them. Judaism dictates that if a fetus is bound to harm the person carrying it, and Rabbinical interviews have said that extends beyond health, out to their life, well being, mental health, and born selves, spouses and born children, that abortion is not only allowed, but encouraged. 

But you really can’t make abortion sound like a tragedy without gluing it to the nearest real, recognized tragedy. So one would think that with critical thinking, one would think.. “Hey, if the only reason we buy into this is because it’s got duct tape holding it to a real tragedy, is it really a tragedy..” But no. You keep spreading your anti-semitic and racist bullshit and hope and pray that the ignorant won’t wise up to the co-opting of actual tragedies.. 

Clue one, team. If it can’t stand on its own without leeching off something else to have validity, you don’t have anything to stand on in the first place. No one ever said,”Gee, this Holocaust is just like when the Crusades happened!” 

Try again. 

Plus like, if you open a history book it had nothing to do with ‘cramped conditions’ or even ‘lesser humans’.

Hitler won his election by feeding on the german peoples anger and resentment over being the only country forced to pay monetarily after the war and being blamed for World War 1 when they, in fact, had no started it. Fought on the wrong side maybe, but they didn’t start it (technically Austria did after the assasination of Arch Duke Ferdinand).

He understood too how the human mind works and that for him to go to war the people needed a scape goat, and ‘the rest of europe’ was too big, so he singled out the jewish people who have historically been targeted during economic crisis. THAT was his purpose behind the war and the Holocaust.

Not ‘starvation’, not ‘his people were cramped’, not even ‘he didn’t think they were people’, like do you understand that you are actively softening what this was about here? Because it was about power and greed and bigotry. He knew the people he was killing were people. He knew that perfectly well. There was no doubt in anyones mind that Jewish people were people.

So as you can see not only is The Holocaust the wrong tragedy to appropriate for your propaganda (Hitler was good at propaganda too… in fact it looked a lot like the stuff AHA and personhood USA puts out… might want to be careful about that… ), BUT you don’t even have the facts of how it all started right. Open a history book would you?

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Isn’t amazing how people don’t give a shit about misogyny until they can accuse muslims of it in order to justify their islamaphobia?

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