"To all who come to this happy place, welcome"--Walt Disney.My name is Sarah. 22 years old. Seasonal Cast Member at Walt Disney World but currently residing in middle-of-nowhere, Michigan. In a very happy long distance relationship. Music education major with an emphasis on elementary music. My interests are varied and my blog reflects that. Instagram: sarahontherunx


I walked into class feeling so ready to go and confident. I had practiced conducting, I had a lesson plan and I knew where I wanted to take my song. My first major mistake was that I forgot to print out an extra lesson plan for my professor…whoops. And I forgot to make her a copy of my score analysis. It’s always those little things man..and it got to me. I completely blanked during my session..and she told me to take a minute and have someone else go and then come back to it. I recollected my thoughts and then got back and kicked some butt. I was MUCH more confident and after class she talked to me and told me that it’s okay to make mistakes and that i’m going to be a great teacher. *breathes* that was actually not a bad conducting session after all. :)

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